Welcome to DreamersNet.net

I'm working on a Chat Server so unfortunately that puts the website on hold--kind of. I don't plan on
making a database for this website at the current time but I'll try to keep things up to date every
couple of weeks. I'm going to add my Chat Server Blog , project (google Code). Please note that
The following downloads require Java 1.7 (java 7) in order to run. The exe's check this automatically
but the JARs must be invoked with java -jar client.jar or java -jar server.jar respectively.
I am going to be graduating college tomorrow with an A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems: Programming.
My goal is to update this site and add a login and allow people to share written materials. I'm debating
about how I should go about doing this right now.
Some options might be:
  • Google Docs link
  • Links to any site
  • Copy and pasting it into a form and allowing users to save everthing on the server
  • Mixture of both

What else should I allow on this site? I'd like to host art and photography also. I dunno I need to set up
The database structure first, then I'll be able to improve upon it.